‘I Don’t Believe In That Bull****’: Twisted Sister Won’t Milk Band After Reunion Show

Twisted Sister Dena Flows
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Twisted Sister’s induction into the Metal Hall of Fame is long overdue.

After glam rock faded, Sister gave glam teeth and ushered in hair metal on MTV.

Though the band got back together for their induction, don’t expect them to commit to a full tour any time soon.

Prior to his induction, Dee Snider mentioned being happy about retiring from Sister saying,

As a solo artist, I’m allowed to change and evolve. And some things fans have liked; some things they’ve not liked. No one’s ever questioned it. And, again, if Twisted Sister did it, it would be, like, ‘Hey, it doesn’t sound like Twisted Sister anymore’; it would have been that kind of thing.”

When asked whether the band would reunite after their reunion, Snider was emphatic saying,

“A hard ‘no plans.’ No plans at all to do that. I‘ve said when people retire, they should leave the stage, and all those bands, I’m tired of seeing people signing contracts in blood and then they show up three years later. I don’t believe in that bullshit, so I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Although Snider said that the band are on the same page, he doesn’t like the idea of rehashing saying,

Bands should stay forever if they want to…just don’t sell us a B.S. farewell tour! Twisted Sister retired in 2016. And while we talk to each other regularly, none of us has even mentioned reuniting. And believe me, we are getting lucrative offers.”

Regardless of any reunion, Snider did mention feeling a good camaraderie with his fellow bandmates saying,

“It’s fun. I love these guys, and that was one of the best things about reuniting was becoming friends again, and we are friends.”

While countless bands like to serve up the same farewell tour, Twisted Sister are only getting together if it’s for the right reasons. 

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