Howie Mandel Wrote a Death Metal Song Performed by Entheos

Navene Koperweis & Chaney Crabb photo: Press / Howie Mandel Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage (via Getty Images)
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It isn’t every day that you find out that a mainstream TV personality has written the lyrics to a death metal song. But in the case of progressive death metal act Entheos and actor Howie Mandel, such a collaboration has taken place.

Over on TikTok, Mandel has uploaded a video that features Entheos singer Chaney Crabb screaming into a microphone; the video then cuts and Mandel appears, sharing how he wrote the lyrics to the song she is screaming too, and how the lyrics are about his wife.

You can find this TikTok video of Mandel revealing his death metal collaboration below. This new song is part of the upcoming Entheos album Time Will Take Us All. Speaking about this album, the band shared the following statement in a past press release:

“We’re incredibly proud to announce our new album Time Will Take Us All.

“The album’s concept is one of growth and self-reflection that focuses on the true human commonality — that our time on Earth is fleeting and what we choose to do with that knowledge is up to each of us as individuals.

“This is beautifully reflected in Eliran Kantor’s surreal cover art.”

Crabb also provided the following comment about the band’s upcoming album:

“We knew when we started writing that we really wanted to make something darker and heavier that was still uniquely Entheos, and we knew that we wanted to make a record that really came from our hearts and captured where we want to take this band,”

Also below, you will find the tracklist associated with Time Will Take Us All.

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    “The Sinking Sun”
    “Time Will Take Us All”
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