How Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Trashed His Hotel Room in a Wholesome Way

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Nirvana were never the biggest party animals in the world.

Even though Kurt Cobain went over the top onstage, the grunge icons weren’t up to Motley Crue style antics.

When they did decide to trash a room though, it was a lot more wholesome than hair metal.

During their prime, Kelley Deal from the Breeders mentioned Krist Novoselic throwing a TV out a window saying,

“Krist said he’d been thinking about it and I said, ‘Let’s do it!’ He called down to the front desk, got permission, paid for the TV and asked security to make sure nobody was below. This is the kind of sweet band they were. Then we shoved it through the window. The funniest bit was all the planning and anticipation.”

This wasn’t the first time Novoselic’s antics got out of hand.

During their performance at the MTV Awards, Novoselic remembered catching his bass with his face and being tended to by rock royalty saying,

“I’m all annoyed, right, and I’m like, ‘What the hell!’ and behind them, there is this amazing fellow with a glass of champagne. It’s Brian May! Just standing there politely. He says, ‘Here you are, my good man,’ and hands me this glass of champagne.”

From day one, Nirvana were always frugal with usual rock star excesses.

Once they started earning rock star money, Dave Grohl mentioned wanting to get away from everything saying,

“I was always really close to my family. So if there was any moment where I thought that the rock star thing was getting to be too much, I would just go back to Virginia.”

Regardless of their star power, Nirvana always wanted to be a bunch of normal guys.

And if they were going to destroy a hotel room, they were going to make sure that no one was going to get hurt doing something stupid.

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