Here’s Why Some Of Max Cavalera’s Guitars Only Have Four Strings

Max Cavalera Photo by Per Ole Hagen/Redferns (via Getty Images)
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Did you know that some of Soulfly singer and guitarist Max Cavalera‘s guitars only have four strings on them? And did you also know that there is a specific reason why he sometimes only works with four-stringed guitars?

Per a recent conversation with Brutal Planet Magazine, Cavalera was asked about his guitar skills and creating killer riffs.

In speaking to that topic, Cavalera opens up about working with guitars that only have four strings on them, and how such limitations have actually inspired his creativity. (The following quotes were transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I’ve always been intrigued by riffs, man. I think riffs are amazing; they are magical. There’s something about it. Your personality comes through the riff — anger, desperation, happiness; all those come through riffs.

“And I love riffs because of that. That’s why I ended up… It’s not the reason why I took the two strings out — that was a long time ago, in Brazil — but when those strings came out of my guitar and I happened to only have four strings, it forced me to be even more creative with only four strings.

“I don’t have the other two to help me out; I’ve gotta do everything with four; I’ve only got four. So I became even more of a full rhythm riff player with four strings than before. I still, to this day, most of my guitars have four strings on them.”

It has often been repeated that limitations give way to greater creativity; in Cavalera’s case, working with four-stringed guitars has allowed him to explore interesting creative waters (and offer listeners amazing works of art).

You can check out the full Cavalera interview with Brutal Planet Magazine via the video player below.

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