Here Are SiriusXM’s Most Listened-To Metal Songs Of 2022

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Over on social media, SiriusXM has shared its top 12 most listened-to songs of 2022!

2022 had a ton of amazing music come out; while it is already a hell of a task to rank all the amazing albums that came out this past year, it is an even more intense act to try and rank all the individual songs that came out!

That said, the folks over at SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal went through their data and confirmed the 12 most popular songs that folks were into.

So without further ado, starting at number one and working down to 12th place, here are SiriusXM’s 12 most listened-to metal songs (in the order of artist and then song):

  1. Lorna Shore – “Sun//Eater”
  2. Megadeth – “We’ll Be Back”
  3. Lamb of God – “Nevermore”
  4. Unto Others – “When Will God’s Work Be Done”
  5. Machine Head – “Choke On The Ashes Of Your Hate”
  6. Amon Amarth – “Put Your Back Into The Oar”
  7. Undeath – “Rise From The Grave”
  8. Bloodywood – “Dana-Dan”
  9. Meshuggah – “Ligature Marks”
  10. Soulfly – “Superstition”
  11. Slaughter To Prevail – “1984”
  12. Malevolence – “On Broken Glass”

Congratulations to all the bands who made the top 12!

These are some amazing songs; out of all of them, SiriusXM Liquid Metal listeners most enjoyed Lorna Shore’s “Sun//Eater” (it is one hell of an epic tune).

What do you think of this ranking? Is your personal favorite metal song of 2022 on this list? If not, what song do you want to shout out from 2022?

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