Ghost Proclaim ‘Jesus Is Coming’ With Cryptic New Ads

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Over on Reddit, a user has uploaded a photo that features a cryptic advertisement from Ghost.

Per a poster that was placed up in Hollywood, CA, the band proclaims that “Jesus Is Coming.”

Obviously, this brings lots of questions to mind. Is “Jesus Is Coming” a new Ghost song? Could it be a tease toward a new Ghost album?

Tobias Forge recently talked about the band’s future and mentioned how some “good changes” are to take place.

California seems to attract oddities involving Ghost, for last month, a guy dressed up as Santa was going around in a truck and handing out Ghost merch in Los Angeles.

You can check out this cryptic Ghost poster for yourself below. What do you think the band could be alluding to?

When it comes to other stories related to the band, Judas Priest singer Rob Halford feels that rock needs an act like Ghost to “refocus and re-energize us.” Someone who more than likely disagrees with Halford is ex-Slayer guitarist Kerry King, who is a fan of the band’s look, but not a fan of their music.

To learn more about each artist’s thoughts on the band, follow the respective links below.

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Kerry King's First Reaction to Ghost: 'love the imagery, hate the f***in' music'

What is your favorite Ghost album? Would you be excited to hear another record from the band? If you have not checked it out yet, here is a ranking of every current Ghost album (ranked from worst to best). You can check out the full ranking via the link below, but here is an excerpt regarding the band’s latest album, Impera.

“The latest Ghost album is Impera (which came out earlier this year). While it is one of our favorite albums of this year, compared to other Ghost albums, it is lacking a punch as well. While we appreciate the thrilling sense of pop, rock, metal, and theatricality that the band present throughout the record, we’d love to hear more of that horror atmosphere the band used to offer. That said, every time we listen to this Ghost album, we have a blast doing so!”

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