German Police Report Statue of Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Stolen

Till Lindemann statue: roxxy__roxx_ Instagram (created by roxxy__roxx_ & 0_deadbeat_0) / Till Lindemann Photo by Malte Krudewig/picture alliance via Getty Images
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As reported by NDR (details translated via Google), a statue of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann has been stolen.

This statue, located in Rostock, Germany, was created by a local artist by the name of “roxxy_roxx_” (their Instagram handle).

Roxxy is a big Rammstein fan and created the statue of Till Lindemann as a gesture toward the singer’s 60th birthday.

Per an Instagram post of theirs featuring the statue, Roxxy wrote the following:

“Early happy birthday, @till_lindemann_official I made you a statue.

“Till Lindeman was born 04.01.1963 in Leipzig and grew up to become the biggest Rockstar of germany as the singer of famous @rammsteinofficial

“The statue is located in Rostock, Evershagen in front of the house where Till lived in his youth.

“Made with lots of help by @0_deadbeat_0”

However, this statue has allegedly been stolen.

Per NDR, the statue was allegeldy stolen around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning; for context, the statue had been up in public for less than 24 hours.

At the time of this writing, there is no confirmation of who or how many individuals were involved in this alleged theft.

It is such a damn shame if this statue was stolen; Roxy and “0_deadbeat_0” did an amazing job creating this work of art. You can find images of this Till Lindemann statue below.

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