German Metal Festival Refuses Use of Backing Tracks

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An upcoming metal festival taking place in Germany, called No Playback Festival, will not allow any participating bands to utilize backing tracks as part of their performance.

Depending on who you ask, opinions pertaining to the use of backing tracks can be a hot topic.

For Schmier Fink of Destruction, he is very much opposed to the use of pre-recorded tracks.

As reported by Loudwire, Fink recently talked about his disdain for backing tracks, while also sharing a poster of bands associated with the No Playback Festival.

Loudwire was able to obtain copy from Fink’s post before it was deleted. Per that post, Fink shares: “Many rock acts betray their fans with pre-recorded tracks.”

He goes on to add, “Do the fans really want that? Or do they want honesty and a raw live feeling of real musicians playing real instruments and not computers playing their fave songs for the hard earned ticke(t) money?”

Fink concluded his rant by saying, “Play live or go home … if you have pride and you are musician, stop the cheating!!!”

Among the details provided on the No Playback Festival website, the site expresses:

“The real LIVE experience, international top bands from the rock and metal scene, who still embody the spirit of rock’n’roll, that’s what the No Playback Festival stands for.”

As well as, “100% metal, 0% playback!”

Among the bands performing at this festival, there is Raven, Crystal Viper, Traitor, Rezet, and several more.

What are your feelings when it comes to the use of pre-recorded tracks? Are you more accepting of bands/artists who use them, or do you prefer for acts to not rely on such methods?

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