Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman Steps Down From the Band For Mental Health

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Fall Out Boy have officially come out of hibernation.

After years of touring and no new music for 5 years, the pop-punk titans have returned with their first new single ‘Love From the Other Side.’

While there’s a new album on the way, one band member is going to be left absent on the road.

In a recent statement, Joe Trohman announced that he would be stepping away from Fall Out Boy saying,

I must disclose that my mental health has rapidly deteriorated over the past several years. So, to avoid fading away and never returning, I will be taking a break from work which regrettably includes stepping away from Fall Out Boy for a spell.”

While Trohman had worked on the album, he will be taking a break to prevent burning out saying,

“Neil Young once howled that it’s better to burn out than to fade away. But I can tell you unequivocally that burning out is dreadful.”

The band’s latest single is the most pop punk the band has sounded in years, returning to the sounds of Infinity on High.

Despite the new video premiere this past week, Trohman was absent, with the guitarist slot being covered with a mask.

During an interview for Rolling Stone, Trohman had talked about being excited for the band to play together again saying,

It would be nice to make a record where the guitar is a little more upfront. We did start that way, as a guitar-based rock band, and it’d be cool to go back to those roots. We’d have to find a way to do it that doesn’t sound like Fall Out Boy from 2005.”

Although the new era of Fall Out Boy is starting off on a bittersweet note, it’s better that Trohman take care of himself before taking to the road. 

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