Ex-Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo Starts New Band With Wife Paula

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Somewhat recently you may have heard that ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and his wife Paula put out a love song for the holidays; well on top of that, Dave and Paula have decided to start a new band together!

This new band featuring Dave and Paula Lombardo is called Venamoris and they have their debut record coming out soon!

That debut record, titled Drown In Emotion, will be out on February 10th of this year.

Speaking about how much he loves to hear his wife’s singing and how excited he is to be working together on this new project, Dave Lombardo shares the following (per the Three One G Records website):

“Several months after meeting Paula in 2010, she hesitantly shared with me her past decade-long career as the lead back up singer for Wayne Newton. She later played me some of the demos she recorded throughout the years and I was floored by her sonically soothing, rich tone and natural, instinctive ability to harmonize. I was determined to persuade her to return to her creative self. It’s been a deeply gratifying journey witnessing this music come to life.”

Isn’t that just wholesome as hell?

When it comes to this upcoming record, Dave is on drum and production duty, while Paula will be providing her vocal and piano talents.

Pre-orders for Drown In Emotion are available now via this link here.

If you have yet to check out the couple’s new song, titled “The Gift,” you can listen to it below.

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