Escape the Fate Accused of Stealing Another Band’s Album Art

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Graphic artist Cameron Gray, who has worked with several metal bands in the past, has accused Escape The Fate of stealing art from another band (specifically, art that he created for that band).

Gray has worked with such heavy bands as Born of Osiris, Wintersun, Within Destruction, and Dead Letter Circus. In fact, it is artwork that Gray was commissioned to make for Dead Letter Circus that is involved in this latest controversy.

Per Gray, he is claiming that Escape The Fate has taken the artwork he created for Dead Letter Circus’ single “Cage,” and is now using it to promote their latest single “H8 Myself.”

Via a post Gray shared on his Facebook, you will see that he provides two images; on the left is the Escape The Fate artwork for “H8 Myself,” and on the right is the artwork for Dead Letter Circus’ “Cage.”

Per Gray’s post, he shares the following:

“Disappointed to find out today of a large band that I’ve enjoyed and admired for years ripping off my art, especially after they approached me to enquire about my album art.

“I always keep these things private but this one stings quite a lot as it was artwork I created for Warner Bros and Dead Letter Circus who I have a deep love and respect for since they helped me become who I am today.

“And personally as I’ve gotten older I’ve become sick of protecting peoples shitty behaviour.”

What do you think of Gray’s claim regarding Escape The Fate stealing his artwork? Do you agree with his claim? You can find Gray’s post below. If you are interested in checking out some of Gray’s other art, you can do so by following this link here to his official website.

At the time of this writing, the most recent album to come from Dead Letter Circus is their 2018 self-titled LP.

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