Did Rob Zombie Just Name John 5’s Replacement?

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Last October, rumors started floating around that guitarist John 5 was no longer part of Rob Zombie‘s band. During a show that took place on October 6th, 2022, John 5 was not in attendance, and in his place, Zombie introduced Mike Riggs (who used to be part of Zombie’s band).

Later that month, news came out that John 5 was joining Mötley Crüe as their touring guitarist; however, there was no word at the time regarding where he stood when it came to Zombie’s band.

Well, folks, it seems that – per Zombie himself – John 5 is no longer in the band (and his replacement has been, more or less, confirmed).

Per an Instagram post he uploaded to his account, Zombie shared a photo of him rocking out alongside band bassist Piggy D and Mike Riggs. Per the caption associated with that post, Zombie shares the following:

“They’re back from the dead and ready to party. ☠️☠️☠️ #robzombie #riggs #piggyd #gingerfish #returnofthelivingdead”

Based on the information provided in this caption, Zombie is naming two current official members of his band, himself, and Riggs. With the mentioning of Riggs, it is likely that Zombie is very much alluding to the point that Riggs is the band’s new and official guitar player.

While no explicit or official statement has been provided by the horror rocker, this post seems like a good indication as to what the band’s current lineup is.

Are you a fan of Riggs being the new guitar player for Rob Zombie’s band? Is there someone else you would want to see step in for the role of guitarist? Riggs was the guitar player on the Rob Zombie albums Hellbilly Deluxe and The Sinister Urge.

You can find that Instagram post from Zombie below, as well as links to other stories involving John 5.

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