Dave Mustaine Insults Lars Ulrich While Reflecting on Meeting Diamond Head

Dave Mustaine Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Redferns (via Getty Images) / Lars Ulrich Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images
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During a recent conversation with SiriusXM, Megadeth singer and guitarist Dave Mustaine spoke about meeting the heavy metal band Diamond Head back in the day.

Among the many bands and artists to inspire Metallica, Diamond Head was a big one for them.

During his interview with SiriusXM, Mustaine speaks to ho how important Diamond Head was in inspiring Metallica, but he also takes the opportunity to throw a jab at band drummer Lars Ulrich.

In talking about his enjoyment of Diamond Head, the Megadeth frontman shares (the following quotes have been transcribed by Metal Injection):

“I got a chance to really eyeball to eyeball meet this guy – Brian Tatler the guitar player from Diamond Head– just a sweet man, a tremendous talent on guitar. And the Diamond Head that I know and love was the Diamond Head in the beginning, and I tell ya: there were so many songs that we played in Metallica — ‘Helpless,’ to ‘The Prince’ and ‘Am I Evil?’–and people think those are original songs in Metallica and they’re not. They’re Diamond Head songs.”

However, at another point in the conversation, while talking about the band, Mustaine ends up throwing a jab at Ulrich.

Mustaine says that, while he got to meet the band as an equal, Ulrich just followed them around as a “fanboy.” Per Mustaine:

“I thought they had a great singer and I thought the guitar riffs were amazing. So, at the time, when I first heard them come through, my last band Metallica, the drummer, Lars—who was evidently touring with Diamond Head—he would be a fanboy and follow them and I got to meet them on a different level, you know, I met them as equals.”

Mustaine has never been shy to throw a passive-aggressive comment around. Do you think Mustaine’s jab there was necessary?

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