Dave Mustaine Calls Kerry King ‘One of The Most Fearsome Guitarists in The World’

Kerry King Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images / Dave Mustaine Photo by Medios y Media/Getty Images
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Not that long ago, ex-Slayer guitarist Kerry King gushed about how talented of a guitar player he finds Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine to be.

In an interview he took part in recently with Metal Hammer, King shared the following about Mustaine:

“Still to this day, he’s a fucking great guitar player. It was very awesome, it wasn’t big clubs, you could see from anywhere, and I was very enamored with seeing Mustaine play these insane leads and James [Hetfield] playing these insane rhythms and barking out these lyrics.”

Well, Mustaine not only caught wind of what King had to say about him, but he also deeply appreciated what the ex-Slayer guitarist had to say.

In response to King’s words, Mustaine took to his Twitter and shared the following:

“It’s not every day one of the most fearsome guitarists in the world gives you a compliment like this.

“Thank you Kerry, I look forward to hearing your new stuff and we should definitely go out together.”

As two artists associated with the Big Four, both guitarists are incredibly talented individuals. Of the two, which one is your favorite guitarist?

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