Corey Taylor Turns Song From The Cure Into a Fart Joke – VIDEO

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Corey Taylor can be one hell of a goofball. Watch a random interview involving the Slipknot singer and chances are you are bound to find the guy cracking at least a joke or two at some point.

Taylor is not shy to show off his sense of humor and one place he will flex his comedy skills from time to time is over on Instagram.

As of recently, Taylor uploaded a video featuring himself and his son Griffin Taylor (the latter who is the frontman for the nu metal band Vended).

In this video, Taylor decides to cover The Cure song “Friday I’m in Love”; this is a track from the band’s 1992 studio album Wish. However, the Slipknot frontman provides a “flatulent twist” to the song.

Taylor ends up changing some of the lyrics and makes the track all about butts and farting. Taylor’s kid laughs his ass off as his dad goes on with the goofy cover.

You can check out footage of this moment shared between Taylor and his son below. What is your favorite funny story involving the Slipknot frontman?

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