CNN Recognizes Obituary’s Mission to Help Cats In Need

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It is not often that you find a death metal band covered on a major news channel like CNN. However, as of recently, the channel has taken a particular interest in “Metal Meowlisha” – a project that aims to help feral cats in need and happens to be run by Obituary drummer Donald Tardy and his girlfriend.

Metal Meowlisha’s goal is to rescue cats in need; on a daily basis, Tardy and his partner take care of nearly 100 cats across 33 colonies.

The work of Metal Meowlisha caught the attention of CNN, the news station deciding to do a profile on the feral cat rescue project.

“It’s a little over 17 years now that my girlfriend and I have been doing what we do,” Tardy tells CNN (as transcribed by The Pit).

Tardy continues, “Right here in my community, I saw homeless cats, I saw kittens in terrible places, and I just wanted to learn how I could help my neighborhood. And so we educated ourselves, and the Humane Society has a wonderful program called ‘Trap, Neuter, Return.’

“All I do while I’m home from tour is, before I eat my dinner, I load up my truck with food and fresh water, and I go – I’m basically like a UPS driver, I have a route every night, it takes me about two and a half hours. I bring [the cats] fresh water and food.”

Throughout his conversation with CNN, Tardy is accompanied by a cat he rescued called Princess.

Tardy and his partner should be incredibly proud of themselves, for their work through Metal Meowlisha is wonderfully heartwarming and important.

If you are interested in learning more about Metal Meowlisha, go check out their Facebook page via this link here.

You can also check out CNN’s report on Metal Meowlisha via the video player below.

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