Babymetal Drops Massive New Song ‘Metal Kingdom’ + Previews New Album

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It’s hard to believe but Babymetal is 13 years into their career as a band.

This level of experience is evident with their upcoming concept album The Other One, and new single “Metal Kingdom.”

Su-metal and Moametal’s chemistry is on full display on the track, both of their voices weaving in and out of the other’s singing as the song progresses. Musically, the song leans heavily into big-room metalcore epicness. The guitars on the track chug hard, and a chorus backs Babymetal up with some soaring highs.

The Other One is out March 24 on Cooking Vinyl Records. Along with the new single, Babymetal also dropped a new trailer highlighting a snippet of each of the album’s ten songs. Suffice to say – it’s sounding pretty damn good, even in these bite-sized chunks.

This follows up Babymetal’s last full-length album Metal Galaxy, which was released back in March of 2019. Since then, the metal-idol group has had a host of singles released including “Divine Attack,” which dropped back in October.

In November, they announced that they were introducing “silent moshpits” at their shows, saying, 

“We have set aside an area called SILENT MOSH’SH PIT (standing area) which is a designated area for those who have small children, who are not confident in their physical strength, etc. Please refrain from activities such as shouting, cheering, talking loudly, or any other behavior that may be an inconvenience to other customers.”

They’ve also asked fans to mask up, using their “savior masks” and all fans not wearing them will be removed from the venue, which they say “is the official dress code for the show and you will be required to wear it on top of your own mask upon entering the venue and throughout the entire show.

Wearing the Savior Mask will be mandatory up to when you exit the venue after the performance has ended. Please note in advance that those who do not comply to these rules will be asked to leave.”

Check out “Metal Kingdom” and the album sampler below. Pre-order the record here.


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