Amazon Provides Platform to White Supremacist Varg Vikernes to Promote His Site

Varg Vikernes: Author, Рустем Адагамов (Rustem Adagamov) (drugoi), Source:, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Varg Vikernes is one of the most infamous names in metal history.

Vikernes first made a name for himself through his black metal band Burzum and involvement in Norway’s influential black-metal scene, however, these days he’s known for espousing white-supremacist views on Twitter.

Vikernes served 15 years in prison for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Euronymous. Since leaving jail, Vikernes has pursued several different ventures, including vlogging. Among his vlogs, he has expressed anti-Semitic beliefs, and back in 2013, French authorities charged him with racial hatred.

Vikernes represents some of the ugliest and vile elements that exist within the metal community. Given his history of repulsive and vile views, it came as a great shock to discover that Amazon is currently providing him a platform to sell his tabletop RPG MYFAROG and promote his site.

Among the ventures Vikernes has pursued, he has created a tabletop RPG (similar to Dungeons & Dragons) called MYFAROG. Per the product’s Amazon page, MYFAROG is a “fantasy role-playing game, with a setting based on European mythology, religion and fairy tales.”

Though many products can sometimes fall through the cracks on Amazon due to third-party sellers, the game is stocked and ship by Amazon as a first party organization. In the description for the product, Vikernes links back to his main blog, which espouses antisemitic views and white supremacist viewpoints.

It’s shocking that Amazon would allow a link out to his website.

Among the reviews on MYFAROG’s Amazon listing, one user writes:

“[…] Disturbingly and unfortunately, this is put forth as a homeschooling aid, which I can only assume is primarily intended for people practicing Heathenry.

“And this unfortunately must be some radically conservative form of heathenry, because is [sic] promotes the murder of homosexual men, right after bragging about how Just the lands of Thulê are. To my knowledge, this is even, beyond the actual historical attitudes of the Norse.

“It also has a number of, I guess, xenophobic assessments of non Thulean cultures. I can accept that in the Hyborean Age of Conan, where ultimately everyone is a barbarian, but in a text that is clearly intended as a reification of ‘ye olde Nordic ideals’ and specifically marketed as a teaching tool to children, this is immensely immoral, so I’ll recommend a hard pass.”

Another user simply wrote, “racism the game.”

To this day, Vikernes has not walked back any of his white-supremacist viewpoints and continues to spread his hateful messages on his website. To say the least, it’s deeply disappointing to see the work of this white supremacist being promoted on Amazon.

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