All That Remains Singer Says Rock Has No Edge Due to Political Landscape

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Do you think that modern rock music comes across as “rebellious” nowadays? Well All That Remains singer Phil Labonte thinks the genre has lost some of its edge, and recently on the Create Your Own Life show, he spoke about why he feels that way.

Speaking to the subject while on the show, the frontman says that, he feels, the current political landscape has impacted the rebellious edge of rock music.

Here is specifically what the All That Remains singer had to say about the subject (the following was transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I think that the rebellious nature of music, a lot of times, historically, has come with the fact that the right kind of had cultural dominance in the United States, and I think since probably the mid-’90s, that has been changing, or has changed, so now the left having the cultural dominance and also having political dominance — because essentially the left really sets the tone for the U.S. and the right in the U.S. kind of responds…”

Labonte goes on to add, “But because of that, I think that musicians have had less to rage against. I think musicians tend to feel like they align on the left more than they align on the right.

“And part of that’s because of, I think, the narrative that surrounds the two. So a lot of people that are musicians that are on the left are kind of happy with the things that are being asserted assertively by government.”

What do you make of Labonte’s points regarding modern rock music?

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