Why Noel Gallagher Hates Guns N’ Roses Being Back Together

Noel Gallagher: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images. Axl Rose: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
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There’s always a bit of contention that surrounds any band’s reunion.

For every diehard fan swept up in nostalgia, there are just as many cynics wondering if the band is coming together because they want to or if it’s just for a paycheck. And when one of the biggest bands in the world announced they were getting back together, of course one of the Gallagher brothers weighed in. 

Ever since Guns N Roses got back together, there have been people flocking to see what Axl Rose and Slash have in store on the road, but Noel Gallagher won’t be coming.

Although Noel has been asked about whether his old outfit Oasis would ever get back together, he had mentioned in an old interview that it reuniting doesn’t cross his mind that much, sayingI’m only ever forced to think about Oasis when it’s brought up in an interview. I’ve conquered the world enough, I’ve got enough money.”

Since this was around the time of Guns N Roses’ recently reuniting with Axl Rose and Slash again, Noel also felt the need to tear them a new one as well, sayingIf Axl Rose or Slash or any of those guys were as good as me, they wouldn’t fuckin’ be in Guns N’ Roses.”

This kind of thing seemed to come out of presumably nowhere at the time, but when Noel talked more about his desire to move on, he may have let more than a few things slip, saying:

“I don’t need to be a stadium rocker anymore, I did it when I was in my 20s and 30s and 40s and I was good at it… I don’t particularly want to be a stadium rocker when I’m 50, I think it’s undignified.”

So just so we’re clear here, Noel is the one who thinks that it would be undignified to be playing stadiums like Guns N Roses because of their age, coming from the same man who was headlining stadiums with Oasis while in his early 40’s. 

You’re never too old to play rock and roll, and don’t let anyone like Noel get in the way of what you want to play. 

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