When Pantera Destroyed the Stanley Cup

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Anyone who wants to party with Pantera needs to know what they’re getting into.

The Abbott Brothers were known to enjoy a cocktail or 2 (or 10), and there was no chance of having a wild party with them unless at least half the room was hammered. 

When everyone’s lit up like that though, some previous items tend to get broken pretty easily. 

Speaking to Loudwire back in the day, Vinnie Paul remembered one wild party that the band hosted for their local NHL team The Dallas Stars after they won the Stanley Cup. After things started getting out of hand, that trophy ended up becoming airborne, with Vinnie saying:

“It was the best party you’ve ever seen! And at about 5 in the morning, we’re all out in the pool and hot tubs and here comes Guy Carbonneau and he yells ‘catch the cup’ and he throws it off the balcony.”

Trophies like that aren’t the most aerodynamic things in the world, and the famous trophy wound up bouncing off the side of the pool and sunk to the bottom, with a little help from the rest of the guys. 

It may have been the biggest party that the Dallas Stars had ever seen, but the higher-ups weren’t necessarily having as much fun, with Vinnie mentioning that:

 “The cup keeper says ‘You can’t do that! that’s the Stanley cup!’ And we were just like ‘We just fuckin did it dude.’”

Once everyone sobered up, everything seemed to get taken care of, with the cup eventually being repaired and Vinnie saying that the managers “made up some BS for the press about how someone dropped it coming off the plane, but that’s what really happened.”

If the party was as legendary as what Vinnie says here though, it’s almost worth it to have a little bit of property damage in the mix. Just remember to protect your valuables before throwing a party this insane. 

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