WATCH: When Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody Tried to Fight a Crowd Bully

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For any self respecting rock band, your fans’ safety is always going to be the number one priority.

These are the people that helped you get to this stage of life, and you better believe that artists don’t take that for granted, should they find themselves on the wrong side of their fans and lose almost everything they have.

Seeing a fan getting hurt right in front of you is a bit of a different story, and Ivan Moody was having none of it when Five Finger Death Punch was playing in New York.

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After bringing the show to a halt after seeing someone getting beat up, Ivan pointed out that the guy was getting hurt before asking if he was okay. Before he got the seal of approval from the back of the place, Ivan decided to make an example of the jackass who started the whole thing saying:

“You don’t slam someone in their fucking head like that you douchebag. We are all on the same team tonight, you got me? And I will not play this next song until I know that that guy is okay.”

From the looks of it, the fan actually attempts to make a few excuses for why he was wailing on the fan, but Ivan’s full view says otherwise, saying:

“You actually pushed him over your shoulder and threw him on the ground, and you’re still standing there. This is a concert. People come here to have a good time and not get their head smashed in.”

Granted, this is one of the few wholesome times that Ivan has actually gone off in the fans. Back when he was having some issues, Moody was a lot more lost than before, including one show where he tried to get out of playing by claiming that his mother was passing away, only for fans to find out that his mother was actually completely fine.  

Now that Ivan is taking control of his life, we can all afford to take a few cues from what he’s saying here. The mosh pit might be a good place to let out all of that aggressive energy, but it’s also no place to become a bully for no reason. Watch the full video below.

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