What is Gene Simmons’ Net Worth… Exactly How Rich Is Gene Simmons?

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How rich is Gene Simmons? What is Gene Simmons’ net worth?

Born on August 25th, 1949, Gene Simmons is most famously known as the bassist and co-lead singer for the band Kiss. Along with Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, Gene Simmons formed Kiss in 1973.

Kiss has become one of the most popular and financially successful bands in all of music history. Throughout their career, the band has released 20 studio albums. Those albums are as follows:

Kiss (1974), Hotter than Hell (1974), Dressed to Kill (1975), Destroyer (1976), Rock and Roll Over (1976), Love Gun (1977), Paul Stanley (1978), Gene Simmons (1978), Ace Frehley (1978), Peter Criss (1978), Dynasty (1979), Unmasked (1980), Music from “The Elder” (1981), Creatures of the Night (1982), Lick It Up (1983), Animalize (1984), Asylum (1985), Crazy Nights (1987), Hot in the Shade (1989), Revenge (1992), Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions (1997), Psycho Circus (1998), Sonic Boom (2009), and Monster (2012).

Considering how many albums the band has sold and how many concerts they have performed, Gene Simmons has become super wealthy.

Alongside the band’s music, Gene Simmons has also made a lot of money when it comes to Kiss merchandise.

On top of that, Gene Simmons has also acted in movies and TV, has launched a magazine, he’s worked in marketing and publicity, helped form a restaurant, and holds shares in a cannabis company.

Between his massive success in music and all these other ventures, Gene Simmons’ net worth is pretty high. So, given his decades-long success, what is Gene Simmons’ net worth?

Gene Simmons’ net worth is $400 million

WOW! Gene Simmons’ net worth is $400 million?! That is a lot of fucking money!

Gene Simmons has worked his ass off for roughly five decades, with Kiss’ first album coming out in 1974. Are you surprised by Gene Simmons’ net worth? Did you expect it to be higher or lower than $400 million?

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