What is David Draiman’s Net Worth… Exactly How Rich Is David Draiman?

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How rich is David Draiman? What is David Draiman’s net worth?

Born March 13th, 1973, David Draiman is most famously known as the singer of the nu metal band Disturbed. Disturbed formed in 1994, and they have become one of the biggest metal bands in mainstream music.

Throughout his career, David Draiman has been crowned one of the greatest vocalists in heavy metal – with Disturbed becoming a massive global success over the course of their (so far) nearly three-decade-long career.

During his time in Disturbed, David Draiman has helped to create the following albums:

The Sickness (released in 2000), Believe (released in 2002), Ten Thousand Fists (released in 2005), Indestructible (released in 2008), Asylum (released in 2010), The Lost Children (released in 2011)  Immortalized (released in 2015), Evolution (released in 2018), and Divisive (released in 2022).

Alongside his work in Disturbed, David Draiman also started a metal side project called Device. David Draiman has also collaborated with lots of different metal artists, working with the likes of Megadeth, guitarist Nita Strauss, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, and more. He even acted as producer for the 2013 studio album from Trivium Vengeance Falls.

Given how wildly successful Disturbed is, and the amazing musical career that David Draiman continues to expand upon, we are curious to know what David Draiman’s net worth is. Given that he has been working in the music world for nearly three decades, we imagine that David Draiman’s net worth is a hell of a lot.

David Draiman’s net worth is $8 million

Damn, David Draiman is really rich! Did you expect David Draiman’s net worth to be that high? After working in the music industry for almost three decades and having released several studio albums, David Draiman’s net worth is $8 million.

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