Watch: When Jonathan Davis Joined Linkin Park for a Haunting Version of ‘One Step Closer’

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As they were exploding into the mainstream in the late 90’s, Korn took a page out of the Ozzy Osbourne Ozzfest book and smartly decided to put their own touring festival together, hilariously titled the Family Values Tour.

It was a whopping success, sucking JNCO-wearing teens out of every mall in America and planting their butts in sold-out arena seats nationwide.

It all proved so successful in fact, that it became a blueprint of sorts in the early 2000’s for the other nu metal and heavy metal stars of that era.

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In 2002, Linkin Park created the Projekt Revolution tour, which was basically their own version of Family Values, bringing along emerging and established artists from the worlds of metal, punk and hip hop.

The tour did quite well, lasting an impressive 6 runs before wrapping in 2011.

For the 2004 rendition of Project Revolution, Linkin Park took out the nu godfathers themselves, Korn, on a diverse tour roster that also included Snoop Dogg, The Used, Less Than Jake, Downset, Ghostface Killah, Funeral for a Friend and more.

Fun fact- this would’ve been Korn’s then-final tour with Brian ‘Head’ Welch who famously left the band soon after for a many-year stretch, only finally returning to the fold in 2013.

Jonathan Davis and Linkin Park already had history at this point, with Davis being a guest vocalist on 1stp Klosr from ‘Reanimation,’ which he would often perform with the band throughout the Projekt Revolution tour.

Davis added a haunting and brooding element to the ‘One Step Closer’ rendition, which at times is almost sonically unrecognizable from the original. Watch for yourself below:

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