Watch: When Disturbed’s David Draiman Stuck Up for Women in the Mosh Pit

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Throughout 2022 alone, there have been some remarkable stories of metal celebrities looking out for their fans in the pit. A good frontman – or really any member of a band – will always do their best to look out for their fans during shows and to make sure they are having an awesome time.

Such an example of this kind of looking out is when Disturbed frontman David Draiman saved a young woman from a mosh pit that was getting really rough. This incident not only ended up with David inviting the woman on stage alongside him, but with the Disturbed singer sharing some personal beliefs regarding moshing edict.

At one point during this 2019 Disturbed concert, David noticed a pit going a little too hard on a young woman; he was not pleased with this and called out the moshers. Speaking to these specific guys, Draiman shares with them:

“I saw what happened, okay? Gentlemen, the rules of engagement in the pit are that you protect the women. She [referring to the young woman David would eventually invite on stage] got tossed around quite a bit there and wasn’t quite ready for it.”

David then adds, to the crowd in general, “Do everyone here a favor: If you’re going to be warriors, then be honorable warriors. Watch out for the people who fall, and certainly watch out for the women.”

Later on, David invites the woman on stage (whose name is Sami). Upon having her up on stage with him, he says to her, “On behalf of the gentlemen in Disturbed, I want to apologize for you getting jumped into our gang.”

David continues, sharing the following with the entire audience:

“Call me old-fashioned – there are some crazy idiots out there who’d call me sexist for insisting on protecting a woman […] But you know what? Everyone needs protection, everyone needs protection. And anyone who isn’t as strong as you deserves your protection. Do you understand that?

You can check out this entire interaction for yourself via the video player below.

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