Watch: Nine-Year-Old Shredder Combines 15 Tool Songs in 10-Minute Mashup on Adam Jones-Gifted Guitar

Luki.r, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Back in June, we brought you the story of 9-year-old guitarist Maya Neelakhatan covering Tool’s Fear Inoculum cut “7emptest.”

The cover rocked, showing just how talented and rad a musician she is where she shredded through the track with ease.

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones to have our minds blown by the performance, as Tool guitarist Adam Jones himself wound up reaching out to Neelakhatan, and gifted her a signed Gibson Signature 1979 Les Paul Custom after the video went viral.

As if riffing through just one Tool epic wasn’t enough, she’s now set her sights much bigger and has combined 15 different Tool Songs in one, in the video below.

The song focuses on some of Tool’s best clean-tone moments throughout their entire career, starting with a take on “Intension” from the band’s album 10,000 days. As the video progresses she quickly changes gears, diving into the title track “Lateralus” as the video humorously throws up a bunch of math equations behind her.

Later on, she goes back to a 10,000 Days cut with “Vicarious,” later transitioning to “Right In Two” and more.

In her caption, she shouts out her love for Tool and Adam Jones’ playing, saying “I have put together 15 Tool songs and made it into one BIG song! It took a lot of time and process to come up with this and I am very happy with the final result!

“I just love everything that Adam Jones does! This video only explored the clean (without distortion) melodies that he created and I can’t wait to explore everything else even more!”

Given Jones’ show of love by sending her a guitar for just one cover, it seems only fair he sends her fifteen for this incredible feat. Check out the cover for yourself below, and head here to see the “7empest” cover that caught our attention in the first place.