Watch: Many of Ivan Moody’s Tattoos Cover Up Knife Slashes from a Violent Bar Fight

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Fiver Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody has some of the most visually recognizable tattoos in heavy music.

From a red phoenix taking up one-half of his skull to a “skin-shedding” piece atop most of his head that symbolizes his dedication to sobriety, the guy goes all in with his tattoos.

But what’s particularly interesting to us, is that many of his tattoos are actually covering up scars that he got in an insane bar fight with a kid who came at him with a box cutter. Per Moody:

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“All of these that I had tattooed on me are actual scars on my body. This was getting in a bar fight, and I picked the wrong kid to fuck with, and he pulled out a box cutter.

And I didn’t see it. And he came at me like that [slashing motion], cut me right across my throat. And I was like what the fuck!

And as I put my hands up, he got me right back there [on my arm]. So I put my arm up, and then he got me right fucking here [pointing at chest].

You can’t really see it with the hair. So yeah he ripped into me. It was pretty crazy. It was right as I joined Death Punch.

This is a true story- I went into my first rehearsal with Fiver Finger, and I had staples and fucking stitches in my body. And I walk in, and Zoe [Zoltan Bathory] goes ‘what the fuck’?

He goes you can’t be in this band if you continue to do shit like that. So I stopped. I was like no more fights, I’m out. True story.” Watch Moody’s own explanation for yourself below: