‘What the heck did you show me?!’: Little Kids Lose Their Sh*t Reacting To System of a Down Music – VIDEO

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It is funny as hell to hear how little kids may react to metal; some may be super into what they are hearing, while some may be in shock.

It is those kinds of drastic reactions that had us laughing our asses off when it comes to REACT’s “Kids react to System of a Down.” REACT is a YouTube channel that features a plethora of reaction videos (with many such videos revolving around music).

A group of young kids was asked to watch a variety of System of a Down music videos and their reactions are priceless. To our surprise, many of their responses were quite positive! There and then you will hear a complaint or two, but for the most part, these little ones seemed to enjoy the music.

Among the comments made regarding the band, some gems are: “Wow, God, I like it already!”; “I think he’s being really crazy and I don’t understand what he’s doing”; and “This is so much metal!” You can check out the video of these little kids reacting to System of a Down’s music below.

When it comes to other System of a Down-related news, have you ever wondered what “Chop Suey!” might sound like if it were an RnB song? One content creator made such a remix and it sounds fantastic! Also, did you know that initially, Serj Tankian had no desire to create the System of a Down albums Mezmerize and Hypnotize? It is surreal to imagine those records never being released. Links to each story can be found below.

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Speaking of young folks reacting to heavy music, some time ago, we shared another reaction video where a group of Gen-Z kids reacted to Slipkot‘s music. They watched a bunch of the band’s music videos and had some awesome reactions.

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