WATCH: Ghost Drop Retro ‘Mary on a Cross’ Video

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It’s a good time to be Ghost, but maybe it was better in 1969.

Last night, the Swedish band made a cryptic post to Instagram of a concert ticket of theirs from 1969. Fans were confused, unsure if Ghost hopped in a time machine or what.

At midnight, Ghost posted a new lyric video of “Mary On A Cross,” which imagines the band playing a show in 1969. Stripped down from the band’s typical grandiosity, the video features Papa Emeritus and the crew rocking on a small stage with a lot less pomp and circumstance than 2022 Ghost.

“Mary On A Cross” was originally released in 2019, but in recent months the song has enjoyed a second life thanks to a renewed interest on TikTok. It’s the latest rock/metal song to get a second wind thanks to the social media platform, following songs like Bring Me The Horizon’s “Can You Feel My Heart” hitting it big.

Following the video’s release, Ghost is also releasing a new purple 7″ for Seven Inches of Satanic Panic. Pre-order it here.

It’s been a crazy year for Ghost, with the band releasing their latest full-length Impera earlier this year. Mastermind Tobias Forge definitely has his sights set on what to do next, including whether or not to bring his passion for death metal into Ghost’s future works, saying,

“I still get the same kick out of things that I liked as a — not even a teenager; as an 11-year-, 12-year-old, when I really started listening to that and when death metal was this really dangerous animal that you can just go to this one store to find. And I’m still sort of chasing that.

“I have my safe spot inside where all that is, and, of course, it’s materialized in a lot of physical things that I’m collecting. But I still feel that sort of urge to, in some way or form, partake in it. But I don’t know in what form it will materialize.”

Watch the new video for “Mary on a Cross” below.

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