W.A.S.P Frontman Blackie Lawless Talks Devoting Life to God

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Not every metal band necessarily has to be possessed by demons to be successful.

If there’s anyone who has seen both the darkness and the light, it’s Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. whose single was put on the original Filthy Fifteen and has now re-dedicated his life to God. 

Regardless of what you see on the stage, Lawless spent the past few years dedicating his life to God as a born-again Christian, claiming that it started when he hit rock bottom, saying:

I had an uncle who was a preacher, and my dad was a Sunday school superintendent. My grandfather was a deacon. So when the doors were open, I was there. So I grew up with all that. But I went away for 20 years and I came back, and, like I said, that’s when I decided I was gonna have the face-off.

“It’s like trying to determine, is this or is this not real? It was more like a process of evaluation and studying and things like that.”

While he may have been looking to get a new perspective at first, Blackie actually came around to his faith and even started to bring that into W.A.S.P.’s music, saying:

“Lyrically everything is written from the eyes of my faith, everything is through that filter. You’re also talking about a genre that, in general, is obsessed with the idea of God and/or the devil. What I see is people in search of the truth. They’re all on a journey, the people that are attracted to this genre are people who are really a lot more in tune with it than they think they are.”

There’s no disputing the man’s passion for his faith…but are we just going to forget about the golden age of WASP too? I mean, this is coming from the same band that would throw metal into the crowd and had one of their singles which was literally called ‘Animal (F*ck Like a Beast).’

The Blackie that we knew might be in a different place these days, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of making great music again, either with or without W.A.S.P. Just probably expect a more muted version of ‘Animal’ these days. 

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