Vince Neil and Mick Mars Hate Generation Swine

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Motley Crue will be the first to tell you when they’ve made a bad album. 

The band had some serious bangers during their hair metal glory days, so it makes sense the two of them don’t really like when they went industrial in the ‘90s on Generation Swine. 

Since the record was in production right when they got Vince Neil back in the band, he was pretty vocal about not wanting to make the record saying (30:58),

“I just got back in the band and we weren’t really getting along with each other. I probably quit five times during the making of that album. Didn’t really want to be there.”

Since this was the Nine Inch Nails-ified version of Crue, Mick Mars wasn’t really in love with the final product either saying,

“I didn’t like any of the songs on that album. I had a really rough time and every time I came up with a part it was always wrong. I always got criticized and my self-confidence got way down. It still eats at me, when I’m playing live and when I’m in the studio I still have that self doubt. That album fucked me up.”

The final warning sign should have been from the producer, who recalls in The Dirt the problems he had with Nikki Sixx over songs like ‘Glitter’ saying

“There was a line in the song saying ‘Let’s make a baby inside of you.’ And I was like ‘There is no way. You can’t put this line on the record…most people would remember me being the guy who kept saying ‘Quit trying to be Trent Reznor. Just fucking sit down with a guitar and write songs.”

Even though the production was hell, Tommy Lee actually looked back fondly on the experience saying (:47)

“It was like a band effort. Like Nikki sang the verses on ‘Find Myself.’ I love when bands are like that. To me, that’s like a band unit like when you go see U2  and the Edge sings or Brian May singing in Queen. I like it when the focus moves around. It keeps it fresh.”

This was the ‘90s though, and Motley Crue trying their best to be Nine Inch Nails and U2 wasn’t going to last very long after this. 

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