Ville Valo Confessed To Being Too Drunk During Cradle of Filth Collab

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For every recording artist, playing live and recording in the studio are two different animals.

When you lay a track down in the studio, it’s set in stone forever when you mix, so you’ll want to give it your all every time the producer hits record. It’s a bit of a different story once you get a couple of cocktails in you though.

When Cradle of Filth was working on their album Thornography, the idea was to bring Ville Valo from HIM to lay down some guest vocals. Once the party started in the studio though, Ville talked about fumbling over his first contributions to the song ‘The Byronic Man,’ saying,

“We actually ended up doing it twice, because the first time around I was so drunk that it turned out really bad.”

Since the song is about the idea of the Bryonic hero that gets into his fair share of hijinx, Valo chalks up his behavior to trying to get into character a little too much, saying,

I remember we rented a studio on a day off and I kept on pounding Stella Artois, ’til I sort of passed the Byronic level. I went too far with all that bohemian crap and it didn’t sound too good, so I ended up re-singing all of that stuff back in Helsinki.”

Once the band got the more sober Ville in the studio though, he worked his magic on this track, bringing that sort of haunting quality carried over from HIM’s greatest work for his cameo. 

Ville may have remained professional back in the day and done the song over, but it would be amazing to hear the original version of the song where he is completely sloshed trying to sing. Everyone might need some liquid courage every now and again, but this is what happens when you let it go a bit too far. 

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