Vic Rattlehead Kicks Some Ass In New Megadeth Video For “Killing Time: Chapter V”

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No Megadeth album is really complete without Vic Rattlehead. 

Even though Iron Maiden has the likes of Eddie onstage, the past few music videos for Megadeth’s latest The Sick The Dying and the Dead give Vic an entire story arc. 

The past few months, Vic goes through his own sort-of origin story, starting off with ‘We’ll Be Back,’ when he was just a soldier looking to fight for his country.

Time has taken its toll on him on the videos for ‘Night Stalkers’ and the title track though, where you see him get his signature skeleton form and metal bars over his mouth.

While we get a little bit of backstory of his family in the video for  ‘Life In Hell,’ the latest video for ‘Killing Time’ is where Vic really goes off the rails, taking you through different battles through history and kicking ass along the way.

Vic still has the punk rock attitude towards his enemies though, flipping them off right before the song kicks in and fighting in whatever way he can, from swordplay to hand-to-hand combat.

Since Dave Mustaine actually has a history in martial arts, it’s not surprising to see Vic pull out his own moves, grabbing one of his enemies in a chokehold.

When he goes for the throat though, Vic lives up to the Megadeth song ‘Take No Prisoners,’ showing no mercy fighting someone in a train car and stabbing them repeatedly.  

Even though each video has had close-up shots of the band, you’ll always want to cut back to see what’s going on in the storyline of the album. This song might be the slowest that we’ve gotten yet, but it’s also probably the most intense video that we’ve seen from this album cycle.

While Vic might be more of a mascot for the band, this is the kind of storyline that belongs in a Punisher graphic novel. Vic may have a moral code, but your days are numbered the minute you get on his bad side.

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