Venom’s Cronos Does Not Want to Reunite With ‘Those Other Two Doddery Old F***ers’

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Everyone loves their favorite bands getting back together. After years of bringing metal mayhem though, fans shouldn’t hold their breath about Venom reuniting any time soon.

Band drama can be a touchy subject, and Cronos has no interest in revisiting the past, thinking that it would just be for the money saying

We still get fans saying, ‘The Venom Legions want the old line-up back together!’ We tried in the 90s and it wasn’t well received. The last thing I want to do is get onstage with those other two doddery old fuckers and put on a sub-par performance. I’m getting better album sales now, so why the fuck would I want to go back to that? I just want Venom to be great.”

Granted, the bar was already pretty high, with former drummer Abbadon reminiscing on when they would blow holes in the stage with pyro and one bouncer that told him (21:47) “You know man, I was in ‘Nam. I’d go back to ‘Nam but I won’t go back onstage with that stupid fucking band.”

When asked about his former bandmates, Cronos has a soft spot for the early days saying,

We had a blast, and I’ll cherish those memories. I think we were a catalyst. metal needed a kick up the arse and we came along and gave people permission to try new stuff.

Even if the Welcome to Hell lineup is gone, Venom is still going strong with Cronos as the only one left saying,

The line-up I’ve got now is the strongest I’ve had the since the original days. I automatically write black metal songs, but with these guys I can say, ‘Can we turn this upside down and form some new shit?’ It’s all about trying new ideas and challenging myself as a musician.”

For Cronos, it’s not about reliving the past. It’s about moving forward and evolving the sound. 

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