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There’s no real limit on how much band merch you can have.

A rock band is as much of a brand as a musical act, and there’s no limit to what can be produced, from T-shirts to mugs to coffins and everything in between.  Twisted Sister is taking this a step further by dropping their own line of cosmetics, which feels like a long time coming. 

Right in the middle of the holiday season, the hair metal titans are bringing out their own brand of cosmetics, each with their signature branding on them. From different makeup to scented candles, Twisted is going all out with this new line, including mirrors, different shades of eyeliner and mascara to get for your SMF back home.

Working in collaboration with Rock and Roll Beauty, this new line of Twisted merch is meant to,

“Specially designed to create a glam look that screams, ‘you can’t stop rock ‘n’ roll.’ To help set the stage, the collection also includes cosmetic bags, a mirror, and nail decals.”

This isn’t really the first time that heavy metal has dipped into the world of cosmetics either, since Ozzy Osbourne came out with his own brand of mascara and eyeliner in time for the Halloween season this past October. 

Aside from the cosmetic products, the line is also including different scented candles to go along with everything. Instead of the traditional smells of the season, you could be scenting your house with the different dragon fruit and kiwi candles that they have for sale as well. 

Twisted Sister’s look might be iconic, and this might be the best way to cop Dee Snider‘s one-of-a-kind look for yourself on the cheap, with sets selling for about $15-25 at the time of writing. 

Twisted Sister might be about going over the top whenever they perform, but in terms of merchandising, nothing is really off the table. Check out the whole collection here

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