Watch: This Mom Partied Hard At A Municipal Waste Show And Went Stage-Diving

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At a recent Municipal Waste concert that took place in Asbury Park, one mom partied super hard, taking to the stage and diving off of it! What makes this story extra cool though is that said mom is the mother of Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte!

Per video footage of this moment uploaded to Instagram, as the band performs live – with other folks coming up on stage and diving off of it – Dave’s mom eventually makes her way onto the stage. She is dancing and moving about, having an awesome time! At one point, she turns towards the audience, and not too long after, she too decides she wants to stage-dive!

Per the caption associated with this video: “MUNICIPAL WASTE were insane last night in Asbury Park! Nonstop mosh, stage diving and partying from a sold out crowd of Thrash Metal maniacs! even drummer @stoutmania’s MOM gets in on the action!”

Dave’s mom is badass as hell! We are glad she had such an epic time. You can check out footage of Dave’s mom stage-diving during the Municipal Waste show via the video below.

When it comes to other stories involving the band… did you know that band frontman Tony Foresta once pretended to be a member of Slipknot in order to avoid some aggressive security? It is a wild ass story. Also, we interviewed Tony earlier this year! You can check out our two-part interview with him by following the respective links below.

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If you are interested in seeing Municipal Waste live, you are in luck (for they are currently on the road). Here are their upcoming North American tour dates:

  • Dec 8 – Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27
    Dec 9 – Greenville, NC – The State Theatre
    Dec 10 – Columbia, SC – The Senate
    Dec 11 – Tampa, FL – The Orpheum


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