Watch: The Upcoming Horror-Comedy Movie ‘Cocaine Bear’ Looks Hilarious AF

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In 2023 we are getting a new horror-comedy movie titled Cocaine Bear, and from its premise alone, it sounds hilarious as hell! News of this film has been floating around the interwebs for some time now, but as of recently, a trailer has been released.

Per the film’s Wikipedia page, the following premise is provided: “A group of locals, tourists, and criminals converge in their quest for survival in a small Kentucky town against an American black bear going on a murderous rampage after ingesting cocaine.”

You may find this premise to be absolutely wild on its own, but on an added surreal note – this movie is actually based on real events! You can read more details about this story by following this link here.

The film is directed by Elizabeth Banks (she also directed the 2019 Charlie’s Angels movie). Among the stars featured in this film, there is Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and the late Ray Liotta.

Cocaine Bear has a release date of February 24th, 2023, so we do not have to wait too much longer to see the film. Will you be checking this out? You can watch the trailer for the movie below!

In other movie-related news, have you seen the trailer for the upcoming Grinch horror movie, The Mean One? Per the film’s Wikipedia pageThe Mean One‘s premise is as follows:

“In the sleepy mountain town of Newville, Cindy You-Know-Who saw her parents murdered by the Mean One, a bloodthirsty green-skinned creature dressed in a red Santa suit. Twenty years later, as the ravenous monster begins to terrorize the town and threatens to ruin the holiday, she finds a new purpose in stopping the beast.”

You can check out the trailer for The Mean One, as well as the trailer for the upcoming Winnie The Pooh horror movie, by following their respective links below.

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