The Top 10 Most Metal Movies of 2022

From left: A24, Bloody Disgusting, Focus Features
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Across all media, 2022 proved to be a damn good year for fans of metal.

Beyond just music, film at large appears to be dipping into darker, more sinister waters that intersect with much of what we love from heavy metal.

From the darkest take on the world’s most popular superhero to the slasher flick that made the audience puke their brains out at the theater, we chose the top 10 most metal movies of 2022.
Contributions by John Hill and Michael Pementel 

The Batman

Matt Reeves’ new vision for Gotham City in The Batman is a triumph for the DCEU, and harkens back to the character’s earlier risk-taking films before superhero movies became monotonous. Robert Pattinson brings a new level of brooding to the caped crusader, and the film’s Se7en-inspired darkness stuck with us the whole year.  JH

Beavis and Butt-Head Do The Universe

From beginning to end we found ourselves dying of laughter hard while watching Beavis and Butt-Head Do The Universe. The titular metalheads are a riot in their latest feature film, offering loads of gut-busting humor. MP


One of the best horror movies we saw this year, David Bruckner’s Hellraiser is a stunning work of supernatural artistry. We are in awe of Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead, and we hope she is down to do more films as the Hell Priest. MP

Metal Lords

Metal Lords brings heavy metal to the world of coming-of-age romcoms, showing a group of friends bonded over a love for metal. The film dives into cringey territory at points, but it works in the film’s favor, capturing how dumb and weird it is being a teen.  JH

The Northman

A Viking epic coming from the guy who made The VVitch and The Lighthouse? Of course, it would be nothing short of incredible. From jaw-dropping visuals to thrilling action and intriguing characters, The Northman had us gripped from the start. MP


Ti West’s X trilogy is one of horror’s most exciting series of films going right now, with Pearl fleshing out the foundation built in X. Diving deep into the titular character’s psychology, the film balances violent fun and serious emotions for another excellent installment into the series. JH


This is easily one of the best Predator movies since the series’ inception. With a unique setting for a sci-fi story and a badass protagonist, Prey makes for one of the most intense and captivating action movies of the year. MP

Studio 666

A horror movie involving the Foo Fighters might sound a tad odd at first, but this movie proved to be one hell of a gem. While not so much a scary film, Studio 666 absolutely delivers when it comes to comedy and playfully creepy vibes. MP

Terrifier 2

A horror movie that got audiences passing out and vomiting? Now that’s metal as fuck. As a sequel to the gruesome Terrifier, Terrifier 2 delivers more savagery and disturbing gore. A slasher flick like no other. MP

Welcome to Hell

Argentinian film Welcome to Hell turns all the fears of the Satanic Panic real. The film follows a woman on the run from the ire of a black metal vocalist who is also the father of her unborn child. The film is packed with incredibly rad music and captures the black metal scene much better than its peers. JH

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