The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins Is Not a Fan of Steel Panther’s Lyrics

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Putting The Darkness and Steel Panther together on a track makes too much sense.

Both bands have a retro hard rock aesthetic going, and you’re not supposed to take either band too seriously half the time. As far as Justin Hawkins is concerned, his friends’ style of humor might be a bit too over the edge for him.

During a recent video on his YouTube channel, Hawkins talked about the first time that he saw Steel Panther and liking what he heard saying,

I’ve seen them live when they did a lot of covers as a part of their residency on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in 2008-2009. It is, really, a long way outside of my wheelhouse in terms of the way the humor has fully past the line. And they don’t really give a fuck. Actually, it’s pretty impressive.”

Justin also had high praise for Satchel’s guitar skills saying, “When you actually hear what Satchel’s playing, he is a rude guitar player. Like a really outrageously good lead guitar player.”

Even with the tongue-in-cheek humor, Hawkins talked about not being too thrilled when asked to work with them on a song, saying,

“So I was basically shocked by the lyrics that they sent over. I sang it but it was kind of with a degree of resignation to what it was. It’s a long way past the line that I like to put. I like to have one foot in each. But they go a long way past it.”

After the release of Panther’s latest single ‘1987’ though, Hawkins seems to be a bit more interested in what they’re doing, saying,

“It’s almost like a departure for Steel Panther because they usually have a lot of misogynistic and ‘Me Too’-defying kind of sexy-based lyrics with a lot of expletives in it. And this is actually quite heartwarming. I think this is a brilliant new look on them.”

The Darkness and Panther might be on different ends of the comedic spectrum, but the idea of a collab might not be out of the question just yet. 

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