Watch: Security Went After Slipknot’s Tortilla Man Thinking He Was A Fan Trying To Rush The Stage

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At a recent Slipknot concert, band member Tortilla Man (aka, Michael Pfaff) was mistaken for being a fan trying to rush the stage where the band was playing, and security went at him!

The band recently performed as part of Mexico’s Hell & Heaven Fest, and it was during this performance that Pfaff found himself being attacked by security.

Per video footage of this incident uploaded to Instagram (via user metalmemesmx), you will see Tortilla Man to the side of the stage (at ground level), and a whole group of security swarming him. Pfaff is striving to push his way to the stage as guards hold him back; eventually, all gets cleared up and security realizes that Pfaff is actually a member of Slipknot. To some degree, while we cannot make out anything he may be saying, Shawn “Clown” Crahan also gets involved in this incident.

You can check out this wild moment for yourself via the video below! On an additional note, Pfaff actually commented on this video footage. Per his comment, he holds no negative feelings toward security. Per his comment, Tortilla Man shares the following:

“Im not mad….security doing their job!!! I was just trying to get to the maggots that couldn’t see me. Maggots4life”

We are glad everything worked out for Michael! But speaking of another incident involving concert security and Slipknot… have you heard about the time when Municipal Waste singer Tony Foresta pulled a fast one on some security guards by claiming to be a member of Slipknot?

At the time when this incident took place, Tony was part of a nu metal side project and was rocking some kind of outfit that helped him sell the idea that he was a Slipknot member.

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