Rob Halford Says Rock n’ Roll ‘Needs’ A Band Like Ghost To ‘Refocus and re-energize us’

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During a recent conversation with Revolver, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford spoke about how much of a fan he is of Ghost. Halford was asked to name his favorite Ghost song, and while he did that, he also spoke about how “important” the band is.

When asked to name his favorite Ghost song, the Judas Priest singer says “Elizabeth” (which is a single off of the band’s first studio album Opus Eponymous). Here is what Halford had to say about the band and their song “Elizabeth”:

“Ghost are an important band on a variety of levels. Rock & roll — I use that term loosely in this context — needs a band like Ghost to refocus and re-energize us. Tobias meticulously created and sought out, firstly, the strength of Ghost musically, and secondly, the crucial visual elements, and both have drawn us into his world of Emeritus mystery and intrigue.

“As a fan, I am choosing the song ‘Elizabeth’ because of its valuable insight [into] the origins of Tobias’ singular manner of composition, arrangements, and textures, whereby one can sense enormous potential.”

What do you think of Rob’s pick? Do you agree with his points regarding Ghost being an important band?

Speaking of Opus Eponymous, not too long ago, we ranked all of the Ghost albums from worst to best. We included all their studio releases, from that first album up to the band’s latest release Impera. To check out our full ranking of Ghost albums, follow the link below; while we won’t tell you where we placed the album, we will share what we had to say about Opus Eponymous:

“The band have yet to release anything that captures the spooky atmosphere of the first Ghost album. Opus Eponymous makes for a delightfully fun and eerie work of occult rock and roll; while it doesn’t offer an intense level of theatrical production that the band have come to embrace over the course of their career, there is so much style to this record. The use of minimalism allows the band to present a gripping atmosphere, with each song exuding an air of creepiness.”

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