Punk Rock Godfather Iggy Pop Declares He Will Never Stagedive Again

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One of the greatest icons to come from punk rock is that of Iggy Pop. Having earned the title “Godfather of Punk,” folks came to discover the artist through The Stooges (the band where he acted as vocalist and lyricist).

Between his work in The Stooges and his solo efforts, Iggy has made one hell of a name for himself. Through his intense physical performances, Pop elevated the aggression of his music; along with stage-diving and exposing himself at times during live shows, he would roll around on broken glass there and then.

That said, at the time of this writing, the punk rock icon is now 75 years old and is not interested in that level of intense theatricality. Per a recent conversation with NME, Iggy Pop has declared that he will not be doing any more stage-diving at shows.

Speaking about his shows, Pop shares that he will work up a crowd if he needs to, but he will not do any more stage-diving due to being too “rickety.” Per Pop:

“I’ve left the proscenium a few times if the crowds were too dull just to whip ’em up, but mostly I didn’t have to.” He goes on to add, “I won’t do the dives again, I’ve managed to survive it mostly and I’m too rickety for that now.”

It is surreal to see Iggy going so strong in his performances at 75 (it is super inspiring as well). We totally understand drawing back from any more stage-diving – though it would be really cool to see him jumping into a massive audience and crowd surf once again.

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