WATCH: Pantera Pay Tribute To Vinnie and Dime During Reunion

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There are still tons of metal fans that are turning their nose up at the new Pantera reunion for not being the real Pantera. 

As much as Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown might mean to get up there and play some of their biggest songs, it was never going to be the same without either of the Abbott Brothers, from Vinnie Paul’s amazing sense of rhythm to Dimebag Darrell’s amazing guitar squeals and chaotic solos.

That said, the band did right by everyone in their excellent first show back.

Before they went into their cover version of Black Sabbath’sPlanet Caravan,’ the entire stage went dark as ‘This Love’ started blaring out of the speakers while a video screen played a reel of footage showing what Dime and Vinnie were like in the old days.

For all of the mudslinging going on in the press, there was nothing but love on stage for Pantera’s fallen brothers, as they played through the rest of the song.

Anselmo later took some time out of the set to pay tribute to the duo, saying:

This is for Vince and Dime, man. Dimebag and Vince, may the legacy live long, man. That’s right.”

Since ‘Planet Caravan’ was known to be one of the few mellow points during any Pantera set, in this context, it’s a contemplative break in the track, a breath of fresh air.

The cover also makes a lot of sense in this new iteration of the band, given Zakk Wylde spent a good chunk of his career playing with Ozzy Osbourne.

Those dissenters of the reunion might have a point about it not being the real version of Pantera, but this is really what this reunion is all about: celebrating the legacy that these brothers gave us.  

See the full tribute below.

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