Ozzy Osbourne Says That The Past Four Years Of His Life Have Been ‘Sheer Hell’

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During a recent conversation with Billboard, heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne shared that the past four years of his life have been “sheer hell.”

This statement is in regard to all the health struggles that Osbourne has been dealing with. Along with having major spine issues, the Black Sabbath icon has also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

In various interviews, Ozzy has spoken about how difficult life has been for him while dealing with these health issues. It was earlier this year that Ozzy went in for a surgery that, per his wife, Sharon Osbourne, would “determine the rest of his life.”

While talking to Billboard recently, Ozzy is asked a variety of questions pertaining to different subjects. Among the topics discussed, the interviewer highlights that Ozzy’s latest album, Patient Number 9, received four Grammy nominations.

At another point during the interview, the interviewer asks Osbourne “Who is patient number 9?” to which Ozzy says he is. In providing this answer, he ends up providing some insight into his health issues.

Referring to his health, the heavy metal legend shares:

“The last four years have been sheer hell for me. I’ve been in such a bad… health-wise. Plus I got Parkinson’s diagnosis. But I’m… you know, takes a lot to hold me down.”

Prior to this interview, Ozzy has been vocal about the tremendous grief that both his spinal issues and Parkinson’s diagnosis have caused him. More recently, he opened up about how his health is holding him back from touring.

While he does seem relatively cheerful during this interview (and seems to be holding onto a positive outlook), it is so devastating to hear Ozzy in so much pain and struggling.

We send all our love to Ozzy and are always thinking of you man <3

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