Ozzy Says He Has Never Listened To Ronnie James Dio Era Black Sabbath – ‘It’s like my ex-wife’

Ozzy Osbourne Photo by Harry How/Getty Images / Ronnie James Dio Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images
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During a recent episode of his show Ozzy Speaks over on SiriusXM, Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne shares why he has never listened to the band’s material that features Ronnie James Dio. Ronnie stepped in as Black Sabbath’s vocalist when Osbourne left the band in 1979.

During this particular episode of Ozzy Speaks, Osbourne reflected on the success that Sabbath had with Ronnie (as well as spoke highly of the late singer’s skills). That said, Ozzy admits that it was very upsetting for him to leave the band and see Ronnie take over. Per Ozzy (all quotes transcribed by Ultimate Classic Rock): “At the time I was fucking sad because … they were the only thing that ever really happened to me,”

At another point during this episode, Osbourne also admits that he has never listened to the band’s material that features Ronnie James Dio. In discussing why he has not listened to this music, Ozzy compares such engagement to following up with an ex-wife. Per Ozzy:

“It’s like my ex-wife … [when] you leave a band like that, it’s just like getting divorced. You don’t go, ‘How’s your new bloke? Is he better than me?'”

Understandable Ozzy. Osbourne would end up returning to Black Sabbath in 2011; Ronnie James Dio passed away in 2010. When it comes to these two different singers in Black Sabbath, which one is your favorite? Are you team Ozzy or team Ronnie?

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