Ozzy Osbourne Says That His Favorite Pantera Album Is…

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Throughout the ’90s and 2000s, Pantera toured with both Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath. During their time playing alongside one another, Pantera really left one hell of a mark on Ozzy.

During a conversation with Rolling Stone back in the day, Ozzy Osbourne shared his top ten favorite metal albums, and among his picks, he included a Pantera album.

When it comes to this particular record, the Black Sabbath icon shares that the late Dimebag Darrell’s guitar playing really shines. Before you find out what Ozzy’s favorite Pantera album is, want to take a guess at which one it may be?

Okay, ready? Here is the answer… Ozzy Osbourne’s favorite Pantera album is… Cowboys From Hell!

While talking to Rolling Stone, here is everything Ozzy had to say about the record:

“These guys were some of the biggest party animals I ever toured with. Dimebag’s guitar playing shines on this album. This one should be in every metal fan’s collection.”

Pantera has a lot of great records, so Ozzy couldn’t go wrong either way. What is your favorite Pantera album?

Speaking of Pantera albums, we recently published our ranking of the band’s discography!

Including the releases they put out during their glam metal phase, we ranked every Pantera album from worst to best. Can you guess which record we put in first place?

If you have not checked out that ranking yet, you can do so by following the link below. While we won’t tell you what place we ranked it in, here is what we had to say about Cowboys From Hell:

“Released in 1990, Cowboys from Hell is the Pantera album that changed the game for the band; compared to where the band started in the ’80s, the band became a whole other beast with this release. Introducing a powerful sense of groove alongside uses of melody, Pantera delivers a kick-ass time that still holds up to this day.”

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