NOFX’s Fat Mike: “We’re More Relevant Now Than We Ever Have Been”

Fat Mike via Wikimedia Commons, Mathias Heinel from Malmö, Sweden
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All good things come to a close, and NOFX is currently winding down as a band as they get closer to their impending breakup.

Earlier this year, frontman Fat Mike stated that the band would be breaking up, and that 2023 would be their last year touring. But things aren’t slowing down on his end, however, as he’s currently hard at work building a punk rock museum. In an interview with Louder Sound about the museum and breakup, Fat Mike gave the following reasons for the band’s end:

“Because I don’t enjoy it like I used to. And if I don’t get loaded, I really don’t want to do it. I don’t need to be onstage hearing people applaud and dance. I don’t need that. Some people are addicted to that. I’ve started doing stand-up comedy and I like that way better, in front of 30 people. And writing music. I’ve been writing [string] quartets, which I really enjoy, and writing for other people.”

Despite this, he said he’s beyond stoked to perform these gigs:

“I’m actually very excited about it. I’m not sad yet, but I know what we’re going to do. We’re going to play all of our songs and really, really give it our all. Generally when we play shows I just get wasted, and we’re good [when doing that], but we don’t think about the show, we just go out and have a good time. But this time we’re thinking, ‘Oh, no, we have to fucking rock, cos this is our last time’ in various cities. We’ve done it twice so far, in Vancouver and Edmonton… and we just fucking killed it. A lot of people said that they’d never seen us that good, which is pretty fucking awesome, when you hear that.”

Adding to that, he also feels the band is in a great place, especially with the reception they received for their recent “Single Album.”

“Absolutely. I think we’re more relevant now than we ever have been. I spend so much time writing. I can’t get let anything get out there that I don’t 100% love.”

On the subject of his punk rock museum, Fat Mike also spoke about sourcing exhibit pieces, and mentioned that Green Day haven’t given him anything for it:

“Er, I don’t know. I can’t even get them on the phone. I just talk through their manager. I don’t know. At one point the manager said something like they’ll get us a guitar or something, but we can’t chase every band that doesn’t want to be part of it. I’ve never met anyone like them, either. And we have history.

“That they’re [also] pretty much the only band who didn’t invest any money is weird too. People at the museum were making kind of a big deal out of it. People were kind of bummed. But I’m not. I keep it close to my chest, whatever… But Green Day made the most money out of punk than anyone, so you’d think they’d want their own wing or something.”

Read the full chat about the band’s current state over at Louder Sound.

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