Watch: Nightwish’s Floor Jansen Forgets Lyrics During Live Performance, Starts Dancing And Jamming Air Guitar

Floor Jansen Photo by Dimitri Hakke/Redferns
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During a recent Nightwish performance, band singer Floor Jansen was performing for the audience when all of a sudden she forgot the lyrics to the band’s music.

Stuff like this happens to singers from time to time, especially when a band/artist has such an intense catalog of songs. Thankfully, Jansen was able to keep the crowd entertained until she remembered the lyrics to the song.

Per the video footage of this incident, which you will find below, Floor is performing a Nightwish song and, at one point, starts spacing out on the lyrics. Thinking on her feet, Floor decides to start dancing. She swings her body around and starts playing an air guitar, all before heading back to the microphone.

Floor ended up sharing a video of this incident and writing about it over on Twitter. Alongside the video, she wrote: “When you blank on the lyrics, but you make it up with some sick dance moves. At least I can laugh at myself #lyricsbrainfreeze #concertmoments #improvising”

We are happy to see that Floor is not being hard on herself and is able to have a good laugh over the matter. Again, when an artist has a great library of songs, stuff like this is bound to happen at some point in one’s career. You can check out the video of Nightwish singer Floor Jansen dancing and playing air guitar below.

In other news related to the band, did you know that a song of theirs appeared in a recent episode of The Simpsons? Nightwish shared news of their song being included in the cartoon, calling the cameo an “honor.”

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