New Study Confirms The Three Most Popular Metal Bands People Work Out To

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If you like to listen to music when you work out, who are your favorite metal bands to exercise to? While each individual may have their own personal favorite bands, a new study has been completed that displays the top three most popular metal bands folks like to work out to.

As shared by Loudwire, Velotric Bike worked on a study that displays music trends associated with fitness. This study shows off not only the most popular genres of music people work out, but it also provides details regarding what bands/artists people like to listen to specifically.

For example, based on this study, the majority of those polled enjoy listening to Michael Jackson while working out; in second place is Eminem, and in third place is Queen. Thrash titans Metallica came in fifth place with 25% of the vote (tieing with Drake).

The most popular genre of music to exercise too – among those polled for this study – is pop, with second place being hip-hop/rap, and third place going to classic rock. The metal genre received 42% of the votes for this category.

The study then provides a breakdown of the three most popular bands/artists among genres that people like to listen to, and this is where said study displays the top three most popular metal bands folks listen to while they are exercising.

Those three metal bands are Metallica (receiving 25% of the vote), Pantera, (receiving 22% of the vote), and Iron Maiden (also receiving 22% of the vote).

Does this data surprise you? Are there other metal bands you find more exciting to exercise to? Or does the idea of working out to Metallica, Pantera, and Iron Maiden excite you?

If you are interested in reading the whole study, you can do so by following this link here.

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